Lounges.tv is an entertainment platform where musicians can host live streams of their shows. Lounges.tv is the official streaming partner for The Lower Third, allowing performers to live-stream their gigs or film their show for on-demand viewing. Available for all events at The Lower Third to expand viewers and grow fans and following.

Immersive front-row-seat for everyone

Lounges.tv is a cutting-edge entertainment platform that enables musicians to showcase their performances to a global audience through live streaming. As the official streaming partner for The Lower Third, Lounges.tv offers a seamless live-streaming experience for performers and allows them to record their shows for on-demand viewing.

This innovative platform is available for all events at The Lower Third, providing an excellent opportunity for artists to generate extra revenue, expand their viewership and grow their fan base. By using Lounges.tv, musicians can focus on their performances without worrying about technical issues or streaming quality, giving them the freedom to deliver a top-notch show that will captivate their audience.

80% of the revenue from streaming tickets are paid to the artist in 24-hours

The Lower Third performances streamed exclusively on Lounges.tv are offered for free through their live streaming service. However, if you require Content Capture services, there is a charge that can be quoted upon request depending on your specific needs.

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Lounges.tv at The Lower Third

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