The Lower Third



How do I get in touch with the venue? Please email with any questions. You can also find us at 26 Denmark St London WC2H 0LA.
What shows are coming up? Please check our listing section and keep an eye on our social media for new announcements.
Do you have a mailing list? Yes, you can sign up for updates at the bottom of the page.
Where can I buy tickets for an event? If the event has been announced please go to our listings section and click buy tickets to be taken to DICE, our ticketing partner.
When do I need to arrive at the event? Doors close an hour prior to the end of the event although, there may be exceptions periodically. If in doubt please contact our address or leave us a dm on Instagram @lowerthirdsoho.
Can I bring a camera in? Professional cameras are not permitted inside the venue.
If I have concerns at an event who would I speak with? If the concern relates to personal safety simply ask a member of staff for Angela. If it’s a more general concern please speak to any member of the security or management team.
What are your age restrictions? The Lower Third (Club Room) is 16+ from Sunday to Wednesday and 18+ from Thursday to Saturday However, please always check event information as on occasion the venue will operate as 16+ on Thursday, Friday or Saturday. Very rarely the venue will run 14+ events. Please note that any person under the age of 16 will always require an 18+ person to accompany on a 2:1 ratio. The Forge, The Lower Third Bar and any event that runs past 23:00 in The Lower Third (Club Room) will always be 18+. Please ensure you bring valid and physical form photo ID when attending any event at The Lower Third. Management has the right to refuse entry at all times.
Can I bring a bag with me? Yes, we have a cloakroom but cannot store large luggage. All items are left in the cloakroom at your own risk.
What items aren’t allowed? Weapons (fake or real), drugs, alcohol, compressed gas, flammable liquids.
What happens if I don’t want to be searched? Searching is a condition of entry to The Lower Third.
Who do I speak to about my accessibility needs? Please contact
Is there a smoking area? Yes.
Do you accept cash? No, we’re fully cashless.
Who do I contact about lost property? Please email
What if I have an urgent query? Please contact us by telephone 0203 656 1170. Phone line opening hours 9.30am-5.30pm.
What are your sustainable practices? Our mission is to create an unstoppable culture of sustainable development in the entertainment and hospitably sector. We are working closely with sustainability platform FuturePlus to understand, manage, and measure the impact of our business across five key areas: climate, diversity and inclusion, economic and social impact and environment. We are acutely conscious of the resources, materials, and supplies that we use, and services we provide, the buildings we work in, and the waste streams we discard. For example, we use compostable coffee pods in our office and green rooms, we serve wine, mixers and water in zero plastic cans made from 70% recycled aluminium. We also use Stack-cup reusable cups that are typically used and washed up to 500 times. We work with caterers with a low carbon footprint and radius for sourcing foods and who provide reusable serve ware and discourage single-use plastics such as straws. We use biodegradable eco-friendly products in the cleaning of our venues and have recycling protocols managed by our waste contractor.
What is your commitment to Diversity and Inclusion? We promote a working environment in which diversity is recognised, valued, and encouraged and offer support and training where necessary to achieve and maintain this. We will strive to ensure that our work environment remains positive, free from harassment and bullying, and that everyone is always treated with dignity and respect in maintaining and sustaining equal opportunities in employment with our evolving House Rules policy.
Do you have a Modern Slavery Statement? Modern slavery is all around us, often hidden in plain sight and can take many forms including the trafficking of people, forced labour, servitude and slavery. The hospitality sector is particularly susceptible to issues of human trafficking and sexual exploitation as well as labour exploitation. As a company, we condemn Modern Slavery and refuse to knowingly conduct business with any persons or companies involved in or who condone such practices and review this policy annually. For a copy of our full statement please contact us.
Do you have a Supplier Code of Conduct? Yes, we are committed to ensuring that the principles, standards, and values we uphold as part of our own operations are also upheld by our suppliers. These principles of corporate integrity, responsible sourcing, and the safety and well-being of workers are reflected in this Code, which sets out the minimum standards we expect of our suppliers (and that we uphold ourselves). Please contact us if you would like a copy of the Supplier Code of Conduct.
Do you have a Code of Ethics? Yes, we issue our all our staff House Rules with our Code of Ethics including antibribery and anticorruption. A bribe is an offer to give or receive financial or other rewards to another person, in order that they perform their job, or aspect of their work, improperly. Offering or receiving a bribe is illegal and punishable under UK law. Corruption is a broad term, but in a business context, it refers to the risk that directors or employees may not always act in an entirely honest or ethical manner.

The Lower Third

26 Denmark Street